“We all must travel the distance of a lifetime in this body.

If we do not care for it, how can we reach our goals?”

- Swami Kripalu

Welcome to Living Brooks Yoga and Wellness

At Living Brooks Yoga & Wellness, LLC,  we have a passionate-laser focus on building quality relationships.  Our goal is to equip our clients to clearly define their immediate needs and short and long-term goals and to ensure they are steadily progressing towards them.  Not only do we offer an excellent and distinctive Kripalu Yoga product guided by passionate and professional teachers, we also offer Weight Loss Support Services and Small Business Optimization Services.  

Take a deep breath and journey with us as we share, collaborate, guide, teach, inspire, and empower you to reach your goals!  Be soothed, nourished, nurtured, and inspired!

“Life is the breath.  He who half breathes half lives”
-Ancient Proverb-
Yoga Classes

Do you have an idea for a class?  Are you curious to find out more about the amazing benefits that yoga offers both on and off the mat?  Contact us and take the first step towards enriching your life! 

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Weight Loss

Have you been an unwitting participant in an up and down, lose and gain weight life-style for longer than you care to remember? Are you really, honestly, and truly trying to shake the yo-yo monkey off your back? 

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Small Business Optimization

Are you interested in innovative ways to increase your Value-Added Activities while consistently maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction?  We equip all of our clients with the tools they need. 

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